Candle Plus Delight, LLC

Candle Plus Delight, LLC

We hand design specialty Cut-Curl candles that last. Our Cut-Curl candles have a tube with a wick that allows you to put scented oil or lamp oil.

We engrave on most hard surfaces such as glass, stone and pottery.

With our candles and engravings, we design for special occasions such as weddings, anniversary and holidays.

We offer scented candles with oil extract. Come and feel how soft our scented wax are and compare that sofness to other in stores and see how hard their wax is.

All our hand soaps are 100% all organic. Come and feel the difference our organic soaps offer compared to others.

Learn to make your own Cut-Curl candle. Starting in August, we will be offering classes with One-on-One interaction. Visit our website for more information.

210 Brevard Ave
Cocoa, Florida 32922
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