Maxi-O & Cocoa Village Massage

Maxi-O & Cocoa Village Massage

Call 321.634.4555 To make massage appointments. Special times may be available.

Susan Otto, owner and operator of Maxi-O in Downtown Cocoa Village, was born in Maryland. Her family moved often but when her father began working at NASA for Bendix over 40 years ago the space coast became home. Living on Cocoa Beach Susan often thought of opening a Bikini Boutique but the opportunity never presented itself.

Cultivating a love of art and design over the years along with an opportunity to open her own boutique was the inspiration for Maxi-O. A working relationship evolved with C. Muhammad Haqq, who is well-known in the central Florida area for his massage therapy at Cocoa Village Massage and for Taijiquam/Qigong Classes (Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Kung) at Riverfront Park. Susan and Muhammad worked together in opening Maxi-O.

Muhammad has originated for Maxi-O an Essential Oil First Aid kit containing the seven necessary essential oils and information on how to use them to heal and repair your body, mind and soul. These oils are the finest quality and are offered at a discounted price in the First Aid Kit. These oils were specifically selected for their healing properties for arthritis, insomnia and general well-being.

Maxi-O’s namesake is Maximus Otto, a ten year old Lhasa Apso pictured above that is almost always by Susan’s side.  We welcome you to stop by, browse and say hello to Max.

405 Florida Ave
Cocoa, Florida 32922
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