Zephan Luxury Soap

Zephan Luxury Soap

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Experience baby-soft skin once again with Zephan Luxury Soap’s handcrafted organic soap line. Revive mind and body with the tangy orange scent of Coral Reef, or dive into our natural scent-free soaps, like Paprika Poise, which will enrich your body in a delicious, frothy lather. Call Zephan Luxury Soap at (321) 614-6876 to buy handmade soap today.

Zephan Luxury Soaps is a handmade soap company that makes each bar with ALL NATURAL ingredients. These organic bars include coconut, olive, sweet almond and castor oil, as well as cocoa and shea butter. Beautifully scented and designed, these hypoallergenic bars moisturize with a creamy lather safe for both face and body.

New to Zephan Luxury Soap? Click the image below to learn more about our wholesale handmade soap, read about our story and discover why so many people are turning in their old bars and switching to organic.

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Cocoa, Florida 32922
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