2017 Chili Cook-Off Rules and Regulations

This event is a family-friendly competition featuring live music, great food and kids' entertainment in Riverfront Park, Cocoa Village.  Please keep this in mind when applying to be a part of this event and while at the event.  This event is not part of any national chili organization or competition.  It is a local friendly competition for bragging rights in Cocoa Village!  Have fun!

  1. This is a community fundraising event.  Please feel free to bring items to sell at your booth to raise funds for your organization such as hats, t-shirts, etc. or hand out flyers or informational material about your organization.  These items must be kept separate from all food items and serving areas.  DRINKS will be permitted to be sold or given away at your booth EXCLUDING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and WATER.  All chili must be sampled and not sold.
  2. We actively encourage creativity.  Show your spirit, bring your supporters, dress in costume, dress up your booth!  You could win a prize for best display!
  3. Show spaces are 10x10 only.  We can provide tables and electricity if needed.  Chairs and extension cords are not provided so make sure to bring your own.
  4. There are no cooking facilities available, so entries must bring their chili already prepared.  You may use canned fuel such as Sterno to reheat your chili.
  5. The event coordinators will provide serving cups and spoons for your chili.  You are responsible for supplying all serving utensils, chafing/warming dishes, gloves, sanitizing supplies and any other implements required for serving.
  6. This is a competition that includes public tasting.  Samples should only be distributed to people wearing a wrist band provided at the check-in booth.  You must prepare and have your chili ready to serve for public tasting when the event opens to the public at 6:00pm.  A minimum of 8 gallons of chili is required for public tasting.  We typically have at least 500-750 people in attendance for this event.
  7. There are four different categories that will be judged at the event.  Each attendee will be given one ticket to place in the bucket of the vendor they liked best for their favorite chili.  The vendor with the most tickets at the end of the competition will win "People's Choice".  Each vendor will have the opportunity to enter their chili in the other three competitions, "Judge's Choice", "Most Unique Chili", and "Best Display".  Winners of each category will be announced at the end of the event.
  8. Prizes:  Winner of "People's Choice" will be given a plaque stating they are the reigning Cocoa Village Chili Champion and a $100 first place cash prize.  Second place in the "People's Choice" category will be given a certificate and a $50 cash prize.  Winners of all other categories will be given a plaque in their specific category.
  9. Setup will begin no earlier than 3:00pm and must be complete no later than 6:00pm.  You may drive your vehicle near your booth for setup purposes but all vehicles must be removed from the event area by no later than 5:30pm.
  10. Items displayed at your booth must be kept within your allotted booth space area.  No obscene or inappropriate items may be sold or displayed at your booth.  Event coordinators have the right to remove anyone that does not abide by this regulation with no reimbursement for losses.
  11. Event coordinators will randomly assign booth locations prior to the event date.  Each vendor will be informed of their location on a map prior to the event date.  If you are not aware of your location on event day,  please stop by the info booth at the front of the event.
  12. Tear down will begin at 9:00pm and no earlier.  If you are caught tearing down your booth space prior to 9:00pm, you will not be allowed to participate in future events with the City of Cocoa and the Historic Cocoa Village Association.  If you run out of food, you must stay at your booth until the end of the event.  Please plan ahead of time to bring enough food to last from 6:00pm-9:00pm.
  13. All trash must be taken to the dumpster located directly behind the Porcher House and on the south side of Riverfront Park.  No trash can be left in your booth space or in the trash cans throughout the park.  Any violations of this rule can result in vendor not returning to future events.

All of these rules must be followed.  If there are any violations to these rules, vendors may be asked to leave the event.  Event sponsors will not be responsible for any losses due to a vendor violating rules and being asked to leave the event.  Also any violators of these rules will not be allowed to participate in future events with the City of Cocoa and the Historic Cocoa Village Association.  By signing the front of this registration form you are fully aware and will abide by all of these rules and regulations.

To register for the 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off, please complete the form below:

If you have any questions about this event, please call Historic Cocoa Village Association at 321-631-9075 or info@VisitCocoaVillage.com.