Kids Just Wanna Dance (Hip Hop) w/Sammi

5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Every Wednesday

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Where : A Lifetime of Fitness

Hip Hop- 7-15 (*6 if they have had prior dance experience) Students will learn basic to advanced hip hop moves, including some salsa and break dancing. This class is a high energy class that keeps the student moving at all times, while having a blast. Instructor allows students to incorporate moves they’ve learned in the past in the group’s final recital piece. Each class last for 3 consecutive months, so we need the students and parents to be committed to their class. Recitals are very important to our students and when/if a student drops out, it makes it difficult to rearrange others positions in our final production. We will allow drop ins at $10.00 a session, for any class offered.

For more information call 321-536-8041 or visit our Website.