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New Application & Registration Process.

Please read all the information below.


As we enter the 2024 season of the Cocoa Village Art & Craft Fairs, we will be implementing a new application and registration process for vendors to showcase their work.  Our mission is to streamline the jury and approval process, while providing the most transparency and communication to vendors throughout the course of the year.



Application: The form found below that tells us about your art or craft.

  • Is only used for jurying purposes.  DOES NOT REGISTER YOU for any fairs.
  • Once you are approved, you are approved for ALL 2024 EVENTS.
  • Once you are approved, you will be emailed the registration form to actually sign you up for the fairs.


  • Submit an application at any time, but check the schedule below for deadlines pertaining to certain fairs.


Registration: The form emailed to approved vendors so they can pay for their booth space.

  • Emailed directly to those applicants who were approved, 2 months before each fair.
  • Completed and paid individually before each fair.
  • We will not be accepting deposits for every 2024 fair at the same time.  You must wait until you are sent that specific fair’s registration form to submit any payments.


Jury Process:

This application will be juried by our Cocoa Village Main Street staff, as well as local experts in various fine art and craft mediums.  The jury will approve or deny applications based on the vendor guidelines, while also considering the number of applications and limited space.  If approved, you will receive a form to register for the upcoming fair.


Guidelines for Vendors

Food Vendor Guidelines




  • $25 Application/Jury Fee (non-refundable) (Not a deposit on any fairs)
  • $225 Artist & Crafter Vendor Fee
  • $300 Food Vendor Fee
  • $500 Sponsorship Opportunity


Applications are NOW OPEN to be approved for the 2024 Fairs!


Spring Fine Art & Craft Fair: March 2 – 3

Applications: OPEN NOW FOR ALL 2024 FAIRS

January 18: Application Deadline to be approved in time for Spring Fair

Second Week of January: First round of approvals for 2024.  Registration links start being sent out.

January 26: Deadline to register and submit a deposit for Spring Fair

February 17: Final Payment Deadline


Summer Art & Craft Fair: May 11 – 12

Application Due: March 21

  • Approval status: 1-2 weeks after submission

Registration Due: April 5

Fall Art & Craft Fair: October 19 – 20

Application Due: September 5

  • Approval status: 1-2 weeks after submission

Registration Due: September 13

Art & Craft Holiday Bazaar: December 7 – 8

Application Due: October 24

  • Approval status: 1-2 weeks after submission

Registration Due: November 1


Apply Here

Artists & Crafters Apply Here
Food Vendors Apply Here

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