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Limited-Time Offer
Ready to make a meaningful impact in your community? Or, searching for that perfect gift for someone who seemingly has everything? Look no further – seize the opportunity to leave a personalized mark in Cocoa Riverfront Park! When you purchase an engraved brick within the given timeframe, you’ll also receive a gift certificate. Don’t worry, these bricks will be carefully engraved in January, ensuring your gesture is as enduring as it is heartfelt.

Discover the Benefits of Your Contribution

  1. Leave Your Mark: This is your chance to make a tangible and lasting contribution to our village, leaving behind a legacy for future generations.
  2. Financial Support: Your contribution directly supports the vital projects and creative efforts of our dedicated design committee, ensuring their success and the overall worth of our community.
  3. Pride and Unity: As your neighbors and fellow community members join in, a sense of pride and unity will flourish, creating a stronger, more connected community.


Pricing Options

  • 4 x 8 Brick: $100 
    • Each brick has up to three (3) lines. Maximum of 14 characters per line, including spaces.
  • 12 x 12 Brick:$300
    • Each brick has up to eight (8) lines. Maximum of 16 characters per line, including spaces.



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