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Rules & Policies

Any item displayed at the show and not listed on the application is subject to removal. HCVMS staff may reserve the right to inquire about additional information to confirm eligibility.

Exhibitor Space Information

  • Event organizers determine booth location assignments. Booth Spaces are subject to change up to and including the Saturday of the event. There will be no refunds for booth space changes.
  • Each Vendor is responsible for their display materials. All displays must be in good taste, in the opinion of event hosts.
  • Amplified music or sound of any kind is not permitted over 80 decibels and is discouraged if it does not pertain to the exhibitor’s art or craft.
  • No banners, flags, bandit signs, or any signage not affixed to your tent will be permitted. All signage must stay within your 10×10 space.
  • HCVMS reserves the right to reject unsuitable work, displays, or signage without refund and require immediate removal.
  • HCVMS is not responsible for damage, loss, or storage.

Fees & Payments

  • A nonrefundable $25 application/jury fee is required to participate as a vendor in the Art & Craft Fairs. This is a one-time fee for the year (2023). If accepted, you will not have to re-apply.
  • Upon acceptance into the Cocoa Village Art & Craft Fairs, event deposits ($50 per event) are due immediately to reserve your booth space and will be applied to the space fee for the respective event. Deposits can be made for one or multiple events.
  • All reservations must be paid in full fifteen (15) business days before the event.
  • You may cancel your application registration fifteen (15) business days before the event for a refund if you have paid in full. Please note that the deposit ($50 per event) is non-refundable.
  • No refunds will be given for “no-call no-shows”.
  • Electricity is available in limited areas(reserve early) at $50 per vendor. Please note power is limited to a 12 amp service.

Set-up and breakdown

  • Spaces are generally 10’ by 10’. A few locations are slightly uneven to allow for the natural layout of the streets.


Saturday | 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Porcher House

434 Delannoy Avenue

Cocoa, FL 32922

  • All vendors must check in before 9:30 AM
  • All booth displays must be set up by 9:30 AM
  • All vendors must keep booth displays in place until the end of the event


  • Booth breakdown is between 4:00 – 5:00 PM, Sunday
  • Vendors are required to stop selling to customers at 4:00 PM, Sunday
  • Vehicle loading does not start until 5:00 PM, Sunday
  • Vendors will not be allowed to bring their vehicles to their booths until 5:00 PM for safety purposes(STRICTLY ENFORCED).
  •  A valid event vehicle pass is required for admission, Sunday after 5:00 PM

Overnight security will be present on Saturday. Vendors are encouraged to take the appropriate steps to secure their valuables overnight and at all times.

Event Cancelation

Be prepared for sun, rain, or wind. No refunds or rain dates are given for bad weather with the following exception: if the Fall Art & Craft Fair must be canceled due to an approaching hurricane, The Fall Fair will be postponed. The makeup date shall be no less than ten (10) and no more than 21 days following the originally scheduled date for the event. The postponement and the makeup date shall be announced electronically to all participants as soon as practical.


It is mandatory for all applicants to submit the required high-quality images, which must be consistent with the items that are displayed during the fair, as well as the descriptions provided in the application. The images should be carefully chosen, ensuring that they are of good resolution and effectively showcase the uniqueness and quality of the product. It is important to note that artist or booth names should not be visible in any of the images. By submitting these images, applicants give their consent to HCVMS to use them in promotional materials if their application is accepted.

Sales Tax

Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and remitting 6% of Florida sales tax. If you need a sales tax form, please inquire at check-in.

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