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February 9, 2023
Porcher House, 6 PM

Introductions by President Pam Shaia. Board members in attendance were Nancy Elliott,
Emma Kirkpatrick, Laurie Bartuccio, Barbara Bumgardner, Steve Shatsoff, Cindy Pawlak, Brad
Whitmore, Eva Marlow, Connie Harvey. Guests attending were Tom Mirgeut (Sunshine Shop),
Michele Liro (Village Beach House), Charlyse Lawson (5 Plus Marketing LLC & 5 Plus Partners
nonprofit), Teresa Shatsoff (My Favorite Treasures), Bobbi Whitmore (Bobbi’s at Parkside),
Nicholas Simpson, Maureen (Bobbi’s). Stacey Peacock (Bath Cottage).

Monthly Police Update – Commander Tony Marchica, Chief Collier, Officer Johnson & Copper,
Officer Stevenson. Batteries on Harrison & River Edge, fraud on Hewlett, death on Riveredge,
disorderly conduct, missing runaway. There will be a significant police presence on
Saturday, February 11, to cover multiple events.

Map/Directory Status – Connie Harvey – explanation of power & ATT conflicts in the preferred
locations. As soon as the locations are fine-tuned, the directories are ready to go.

Craft Show Membership Standards – Nancy read/explained the guidelines
● Questions from the floor – Difficulty in filling out the application – just fill it out as best you
can, the office will work with you.
● Outside vendors – if the product changes in the middle of the season, the jury process will
be repeated.
● Why do we do craft shows? This raises operating costs for Main Street and exposes
50,000/year people to the Village.
● Discussion from Nicholas about deviations from specifically defined hand-crafts &
hand-made art.
● Discussion with Tom about the need for open space at his location and the inability to fill
space as recommended.
● Pam – just apply and work with the office on how to develop your space.
● Craft Show Compliance – Eva Marlow – we would like qualified people to walk the
show and make sure vendors are complying with guidelines. “Secret Shoppers” are
not to engage vendors, just report to staff.

Adjourned at 7:25 PM

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