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Cocoa Village General Vehicle Rules

• Obey all posted traffic signs (such as, speed limits) and the rules and regulations established by the City of Cocoa. Watch for bicycles, pedestrians, and other vehicular traffic.
• All vehicles must adhere to “school bus” policy; all traffic must come to a full and complete stop (including oncoming traffic) until all passengers boarding and disembarking a vehicle are clear. Traffic will resume when the vehicle starts moving.
• Drivers may not have open containers of alcohol while operating vehicles, nor be under the influence of alcohol, chemical substances or controlled substances.
• The use of any electronic communication device to send or read text messages, e-mails or any other written
communication while operating a vehicle is prohibited.
• A hands-free device must be used for all cellular phone calls taking place while operating a vehicle.

• Do not throw anything from the carts onto the street or aimed at any persons

General Cart Rules

• Follow the General Vehicle Rules above.
• All Florida Rules of the Road apply while operating carts on City of Cocoa property, whether privately owned or rented.
• Cart drivers must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license. The license must remain with the driver at all times while operating the cart. Driver’s Learner Permits are not acceptable.
• Children are not permitted to sit on driver’s lap. Young children may sit on passenger’s lap while being secured by the passenger.
• Children may not assist in driving the cart at any time.
• Passengers in carts must stay seated at all times.
• Every passenger must sit in a seat. No standing.
• Carts must stay within the bounds of the parade route posted. Carts should only be parked in designated cart parking areas.
• Carts must remain on roadways and designated cart paths only. Off-roading is prohibited.
• Larger vehicles have “right of way”. Carts must yield to larger vehicles. Keep to the right on roadways to allow larger vehicles to pass and yield to pedestrians.
Golf cart privileges at the Cocoa Village Golf Cart Parades may be revoked from those not abiding by the above rules and regulations.

Private Cart Rules

• Follow General Vehicle and General Cart Rules above.
• Must be golf style carts; Off-road, ATV, or construction-type carts are not permitted.
• Must be equipped with head and tail lights to operate after dusk.

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