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July 13, 2023
Porcher House, 5:30 PM

Call to Order 5:30 PM

Introductions – Pam Shaia, Nancy Elliott, Emma Kirkpatrick, Eva Marlow, Lexie Von Bobinski,
Connie Harvey, Barbara Bumgardner, Brad Whitmore (phone), Rose Dvorak (event
coordinator), Janet Benson (Cocoa Rock), Michaela Wilson (Bobbi’s at Parkside), Char Lawson
(5 plus Marketing/5 Plus Partners), Cindy Pawlak (Cindy Lee’s). NOT ATTENDING Samantha
Senger, Laurie Bartuccio, Steve Shatsoff, Kaitlyn Alliano, Amy Elkavich.

Commander Tony Marchica – Incident Reports – Thefts in Village, please notify as soon as
possible because time is critical. Highland Drive– occupied armed burglary. No one was hurt.
The burglar ran and then got into an unlocked car. 2-1/2 hour standoff. Took him to the
hospital for mental health assessment, then to jail. Immediately after, Wells Fargo bank
attempted robbery. Police picked him up and he confessed. Shoplifters at 2 Brevard stores on
the same day. There is a police crime prevention program that merchants can access.

Website Presentation Rose Dvorak – questions from the floor asked, written, and submitted.
Of particular interest to attendees was the interactive calendar of events to post their own,
and the opportunity to create their own business display.

Questions from Floor

  • Hotel update from CRA meeting – there will be no consulting firm to assess the
    property’s best usage. The hotel RFP will go out again with major changes in financial
    up-front commitment, timeline, and usage options that include the hotel.
  • Matthew’s Hope is adding short-term residential dwellings with City approval.
  • A-frame advertising signs are popping up again and giving the Village a cluttered look
    and sidewalk obstacles. There was discussion about Main Street’s role in policing
    signage without any official backing from the City. If you see something, say
  • Mike Rick’s in Cocoa. New club – check out their website.

Adjourned at 6:30 PM (8 volunteers 1 hour)

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