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8 June 2023
Porcher House, 5:30 PM

Call to Order 5:30 PM

Introductions – Board members and staff attending: Pam Shaia, Barbara Bumgardner,
Nancy Elliott, Emma Kirkpatrick, Eva Marlow, Steve Shatsoff, Brad Whitmore, Amanda
Muzaurieta. Also attending: Debbie Minicus (KWPytha, George & Dragon), Alma Rosy
Martinez (Milpa Tacos & Tortillas), Lynn Yawn (Cocoa Elks Lodge), Charlyse “Char” Lawson (5
Plus Marketing LLC, 5 Plus Partners Inc.), Bobbi Whitmore (Bobbi’s @ Parkside), Ozry Harny
(River Med Spa), Ranada Sims (5 Plus Marketing LLC), Madelynn Kennedy (Marina Bay

Commander Tony Marchica – Incident Report – vagrants, please stop enabling them. They
go to outreach centers and then come to town looking for extra money. Call in real-time and
trespass them if possible (on private property). Now encroaching on condo communities and
public libraries. If police are not supportive of calls, get the name and call Commander Tony
with that information. For non-threatening incidents, call police non-emergency (321)
639-7620 x 4. If threatened, call 911 in real time.

Dog Park Presentation – Brad Whitmore

  • Project Maintenance – Amanda Muzaurietta
    • Organization Components
    • Timeline

Comments from the floor – dog-friendly businesses give $100/year for funding/support.

Check out Whitley Bay and condo communities for supporters.

Offer “memorial” bricks as a fundraiser.

Friday Night Frolic – Emma Kirkpatrick
Analysis – history of development/ music, partnership with stores & restaurants.
Changing the coupons to be given out by stores for $2.00 off specialty drinks at
participating bars/restaurants. Need more publicity. Get commitment to stay open &
mean it. Milpa had a good night – can we encourage people to sip as they stroll? Not
legally. How approach participating merchants? E-mail, call, personal contact.
Advertising store specials on the HCVMS website for this event. Other ideas –
passport, gift basket bonus. Frolic sounds more like a party than a shopping event.
Make sure participating stores/restaurants do their own publicity and specials.
Drinkers tend to spend money.


  • County branding promotions One Voice/One Brand. Live Big Space Coast launching
    in January, looking for input.
  • June 17th, pop up for Eva’s swimwear at Bobbi’s on June 17th

Adjourned 6:54 PM (7 volunteers 1-1/2 hours)

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