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May 11, 2023
Porcher House, 6 PM

Call to Order 6 PM

Introductions – Emma Kirkpatrick. In attendance were Board members Nancy Elliott, Eva Marlow,
Barbara Bumgardner, Connie Harvey, Steve Shatsoff; staff Susan Bailey, Amanda Muzaurieta;
guests Cindy Pawlak (Cindy Lee’s), Janne Etz (Contemporary Concepts), Angie Sullivan (Stumpy’s
Hatchet House), Elizabeth Fiegner (River Road), Angela Walker & Geoffry Kritchner (The Knot Wine
Garden), Ozzy Hanley (?) (River Med Spa), Michelle (?) (Village General Store.

Presentation to Susan Bailey – gift and card, with words of appreciation, on the occasion of
Susan’s retirement.

Water Safety Month (Connie) – drowning statistics & prevention; from the floor suggested that
HCVMS helps disseminate safety information as part of our tourism development; lifejacket
loaner stations as a project; discussion of Red Cross facilities & opportunities.

Tourism Visit – Amanda
Presentation – June 2 visit of 50 booking agents from Carnival Cruise line.

Discussion from Floor

  • do wristbands
  • Meet at Porcher House
  • have a representative get on the bus from the beginning
  • Distribute map of open merchants (May 31 deadline for map)
  • make sure restrooms are open
  • social media campaign to let the public know stores are open
  • find out the logistics of the bus drop-off location
  • highlight the experiences as well as the merchandise
  • goodies in-store instead of in bags
  • create an “Open Friday Night” event for the public, publicize it
  • music in quiet spaces

Could this first Friday of the month become a repeatable event? Need merchant response and

See if there is any participation benefit with Orlando Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Tuesday the 16th – 2 buses of seniors coming – Carolyn Seiler is drop off point

June 15th trade show – somewhere

May 19 th final installation of map/directories

Adjourned 7 PM (6 volunteers 1 hour)

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