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Cocoa Village, located in Cocoa, Florida, is a charming and picturesque destination that offers visitors a wealth of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. From historic buildings and scenic waterfront views to vibrant street art and eclectic boutiques, there’s no shortage of stunning backdrops for your next Instagram post. Here are the top 10 Instagrammable destinations in Cocoa Village:

  1. The Porcher House: This beautiful historic mansion is the perfect spot for a classic Instagram photo. The white exterior and wrap-around porch make for a stunning backdrop, and the lush green lawn provides plenty of space to strike a pose.
  2. Riverfront Park: With its stunning views of the Indian River, Riverfront Park is a must-visit destination for any Instagrammer. Take a stroll along the riverwalk or snap a photo on the dock for a picture-perfect shot.
  3. Florida Historical Society: This historic building is home to a museum and library dedicated to the history of Florida. The ornate façade and grand entrance make for an impressive Instagram photo.
  4. Murals of Cocoa Village: If you’re looking for a mural that perfectly captures everything there is to do in downtown Cocoa Village, look no further than the mural on Carolyn Sieler’s Studio. This stunning piece of artwork encompasses all the sights and sounds that make this community so special!
  5. The Village Playhouse: This historic theater is a local landmark and a popular spot for photos. The classic marquee and vintage charm make for a great Instagram shot.
  6. Ossorio Bakery & Cafe: This local bakery is famous for its delicious pastries and coffee, but it’s also a great spot for an Instagram photo. The charming storefront makes for a picture-perfect shot.
  7. Cocoa Village Marina: Take a stroll along the marina and snap a photo with the boats in the background. The peaceful water and colorful boats make for a stunning Instagram photo.
  8. Myrt Tharpe Square Fountain: An intricate sculpture by local artist Marlene London, depicting whimsical sea creatures. It serves as a reminder to support local artists and preserve cultural heritage.
  9. Hidden Alley: Between Threadneedle Mall and Barefoot Design lies a hidden alley, overgrown with grapevines and string lights. This charming passageway offers a picturesque backdrop that is sure to make your followers jealous.
  10. Butterfly Garden: As you wander through the garden, you’ll be surrounded by a colorful array of native plants and fluttering butterflies, making for a stunning backdrop for your photo.

In conclusion, Cocoa Village is a destination filled with stunning Instagram-worthy spots. Whether you’re a fan of historic buildings, colorful murals, or waterfront views, there’s something for everyone in this charming Florida town. So grab your camera and get ready to capture some picture-perfect shots!



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